The all-male fearleading squad of Vienna Roller Derby.

With our beauty, grace and delicate style we bring joy and pleasure to the world of Roller Derby whilst tangling gender stereotypes when we hit the dancefloor.

Our Mission

As Fearleaders Vienna we support gender diversity and emancipation. We subvert gender stereotypes by turning them upside down and expose ridiculous and in the same way toxic masculine behaviour with overstatement and irony.

We want to set a strong statement for equality and fundamental rights for every person* in our society. We think that there is a need for men to not only choose a clear position when it comes to equality, but to also make a statement and fight side by side with the women* we support. Staying silent means accepting the status quo.

Fearleading for us means taking fear away. Especially from men. Fear of not being strong enough, not behaving manly enough, not performing masculine enough. We want to get rid of sexual repression, gender inequality, toxic masculinity, homophobia, transphobia, racism, FOMO and many other fears. We support awareness, sensitivity and respect.

Cheer diversity, fear nothing (but heteronormativity, bigotry and a lack of humour).

How to support us?

If you want to support our mission, like us on facebook and Instagram. Share our content and statements, make us bigger. And, of course, please buy our calendar!

Not only it’s perfect gift or a nice eyecatcher on your own walls, it also helps us to continue with what we started. It helps us to travel to other places and support Vienna Roller Derby when they play abroad and also to invest in new outfit parts (as they are very tiny, they tend to burst from time to time).

Even more fun is coming to one of our shows, being part of the Roller Derby community and coming to games and events.

Spread the word and Derby Love!

the fearelli

Do you feel it too? There is something between us. In every social situation, in every day-to-day interaction, even in our most private and intimate relationships. Something weird and somehow uncomfortable. A sort of … distance. It’s hard to grasp, hard to measure. You might say, well, it’s very simple: at least 1.5m, but it’s not only physical, it’s social as well. A social distance.

2020 started out like a bad joke, and at the end of this year, still nobody gets the point. There’s nothing to laugh about, not even to slap your knees. But what this bad joke might have shown us is that we need to take more care about the gaps and barriers between us. Between us, partners, lovers, friends, family and colleagues, but also between us as a society, between the rich and the poor, the young and the old, those who can afford to live in this pandemic comfortably and those who cannot. We devote our Fearelli 2021 to this very unsexy piece of plexiglass, which reminds us to keep an eye on the distances that seem increasingly important to us. But with a sexy twist we also remember the fun and the humour that brings us closer together in this socially distanced world.

A big shoutout to our photographers Severin Wurnig, Zoe Opratko, Maria Noisternig and Franziska Liehl

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Fearleaders Vienna
Klopstockgasse 47/1
1170 Vienna

Photo Credits All Photos were shot by Severin Wurnig

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